270% more conversions for Volvo with PrediCube

For the Volvo XC90 (the SUV model), an advertising campaign was conducted with PrediCube’s technology. This has led to an astounishing 250% more conversions per Euro, compared to the campaign average over other publishers for this campaign. In terms of clicks, an increase of more than 400% in clicks per Euro was observed. 

For Volvo it was crucial that the new XC90 model would get as much visibility as possible, convince people to request test-drives and target upper-scale audiences. This is why they selected the best B2C campaign category for this specific case.

The XC90 is the brand driver for Volvo in 2015 and required most attention in the construction of this digital campaign. The Volvo campaign was constructed based on IO and Programmatic buying, on qualitative networks, by combining their reach strength, targeting possibilities and also a combination of optimisable channels to generate as many test-drives throughout the campaign as possible. Out of the channels mentioned hereinabove, we selected three that demonstrated to be the most effective

The PrediCube predictive approach was used, with our partner Pebble Media, delivering outstanding results throughout the campaign: Pebble Media uses predictive targeting on high quality websites (Pebble Media), based on the browsing data on a very large Belgian inventory (6 million unique webpages), using Belgian technology (using our own PrediCube system) and proves to be able to compete and even outperform international solutions.

 As shown by the graph here below, the predictive models enabled Pebble Media to optimise on the best performing segments based on the prospect behaviour throughout their network. What we see, is that the average Pebble Media Cost per Test-Drive, is 60% lower than the rest of the campaign average. Or put differently: the Pebble Media predictive campaign yielded 2,5 times more conversions (per Euro) than the campaign average, where a conversion was defined as registring online for a test drive. Also, not surprisingly, 50% of the whole campaign Test-Drive request was generated via Pebble Media for barely 20% of the total media investment. Quite impressive is that this predictive product generates substantially more clicks and conversions than any other involved partner, the overall objective of this campaign.



The media agency, Mindshare puts it as follows: “For us, trying Predictive Targeting was not only a great and efficient opportunity in terms of generated performance, but also a first-timer, innovating and daring challenge on the Belgian Market. We believe these outstanding performances have been only reachable by combining the strengths of new technologies, existing data sets and new data generation approaches.”

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