Meet Alexandra, our new marketing intern

To boost Predicube’s social media presence, and develop its marketing activities, Alexandra has joined the team as a marketing intern. David Martens, cofounder of Predicube, explains: “On the data science side, we have an impressive group of phds and engineers that do some ground-breaking work. We needed some help to also make these assets visible to the general public. We therefor opened a position for a marketing intern, where we wanted both marketing, business and some IT skills. Not an easy profile to find, but we did it, and are very happy to welcome Alexandra in Antwerp!”

Predicube is very welcoming to its new employees and in general, as a team. The new intern was cherished in a luxury pizzeria after the first working day and guided through the historic sites in the heart of Antwerpen. The team also decided to continue the party and carried on to an oldest bar that can offer the most popular beer brands Belgium is known for.

Alexandra from her side is already convinced that her choice was the right one: “The overall opinion was highly positive since Predicube is a flexible and informal organisation that gives a plenty of freedom to its employees to make their own decisions to the common success of the company. With Predicubs internal structure and external presence, it becomes clear that it is a very promsing high tech start up with a bright future and prospects.”



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